From apple’s documentation, UICollectionView is:

An object that manages an ordered collection of data items and presents them using customizable layouts.

The name and definition makes it clear, it is a way to display a Collection of UI Views in our app. The individual view is referred as a Cell. A common example if photo gallery, displaying images in grid format. In this story, we will see how to setup a basic collection view using storyboard. We can divide this in three sections:

  1. How will my Collection View look?
  2. How can I supply data to the cells?
  3. How to interact…

If you are using same browser for working on multiple ventures or managing your both personal and professional work, it can be troublesome to keep login and logout from accounts each day. I use Google Chrome for all my work, every morning I had to login with my corporate google account and in evening log in to my personal one to access my personal mails, social network sites and various other apps. Multiple profiles in Google Chrome made things simpler for me.

Multiple profiles feature allows you to keep both profiles and data isolated, you have separate web sessions, history…

Saloni Bakshi

SDE at Expedia Group

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